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[ferret_users] ferret hanging randomly(?) with set mode meta

Hi all,

I'm having problems with ferret occasionally hanging after I type SET MODE META and run a script with plotting commands, and I have to kill the process from the command line. When I do not SET MODE META the plot is produced perfectly. Sometimes, I can get the plot to work if I change some of the variables in my plotting script (e.g. change LET size = 0.11 to LET size = 0.109), though this does not always work.

I've included an illustrative example below. This one is very strange as the SET MODE META works on my Mac desk top (10G RAM) but not on my lap top (2G RAM - wierd memory issue?); producing the plots without SET MODE META works on both.

Any help or experience with this much appreciated! I'm using ferret v5.70 (alpha) on Intel Macs, OS 10.5.8



yes? go my_script
(then ferret hangs on 80-100% processor use; works fine without SET MODE META though)


! plot_delta_o3_bl.jnl
! Description: Plot delta o3 (ppbv) for xaku experiments

!Load 6 yearly files of 4D netcdf model data
use "path_to_file" (etc)

!Convert to ppbv
let ozone = o3*(28.966/48.)*1E9

go portrait3x4_letter2.jnl
set region/x=-180:180
palette blue_orange

ppl cross,2

define symbol lv = (-12,12,2)

!views etc
let views1 = ysequence({"r1a","r1b","r2a","r2b","r3a","r3b"})
let id1 = ysequence({2,2,4,4,6,6})   !id1 - id2
let id2 = ysequence({1,1,3,3,5,5})
let imon = ysequence({1,7,1,7,1,7})  !month?
let j_end = `views1,return=jend`

let size = 0.11                 	  !Label size
let ptitle = ysequence({"@AS(a) ISOP-BASE, Jan",\
    	     		"@AS(b) ISOP-BASE, Jul",\
    	     		"@AS(c) BOTH-ANTH, Jan",\
    	     		"@AS(d) BOTH-ANTH, Jul",\
    	     		"@AS(e) BOTHcc-ANTHcc, Jan",\
    	     		"@AS(f) BOTHcc-ANTHcc, Jul" })

!Plot Delta O3 for Jan and Jul
repeat/range=1:`j_end`:1/name=jj  \
  (define symbol yyy = `jj`     ;\
   set view `views1[j=($yyy)]`  ;\
   go margins 0.4 1.4 0.6 0.6   ;\
     lev=($lv)/set \
((ozone[d=`id1[j=($yyy)]`,z=@ave] - ozone[d=`id2[j=($yyy)]`,z=@ave])) ;\
   go plot_clean                ;\
   ppl title " "                       ;\
   ppl ylab ""                       ;\
   ppl xlab ""                       ;\
   ppl axlint,2,2                 ;\
   ppl axnmtc,4,1              ;\
   ppl fill                     ;\
   go land                      ;\
   label 0, 105, 0, 0, `size*1.69`,`ptitle[j=($yyy)]` ;\
   ppl shaset reset             ;\

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