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Re: [ferret_users] 30-FEB with 360_day calendar

Hi Patrick,
You need to specify the calendar, /CALENDAR=360_DAY

I think I also see a spelling error (FEV in stead of FEB)

yes? define axis/t="01-jan-1860":"30-feb-1890":1/edges/units=months/cal=360_day simutaxis2

Brockmann Patrick wrote:
Hi all,

Why the use of 30-FEB in a 360_day calendar causes an error ?
it should be allowed because there is no mistake doing so with
this type of calendar (month of 30 days).

yes? def axis/t="01-JAN-1860":"30-FEV-1890":1/edges/units="Months" simutaxis2
**ERROR: command syntax: 30-FEV-1890

Tested with ferret v6.20


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