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Re: [ferret_users] location of legend

There are several user scripts to plot legends anywhere on the plot; search the mail archives for "legend" or "legline" or "vanvyve". Placing legends on a plot with a time axis is a little bit tricky, so look for the script that uses "nouser" locations.

But it is hard to imagine that any figure with 20 lines and 20 legends could be anything but ugly. I doubt if people can look at those "spaghetti plots" and see any quantitative information. This is asking a lot of your readers!

You could improve your y-axis ticks and labels as well. Specify the y-axis explicitly:

plot/set/vli=19:36:1 ...  ! large ticks every 1 degree
ppl axlint,,1                ! label every large tick 
ppl axnmtc,,1              ! small tick between each large tick
ppl yfor,(i2)                ! integer labels (there is no information in the decimal value of 0)
ppl ylab,SST (#C)        ! specify the label as you have
ppl plot

Billy K

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From: yangxing zheng <yangxingz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009 11:25 am
Subject: [ferret_users] location of legend
To: oar.pmel.ferret_users@xxxxxxxx

> Hi All-hands,
>    It appears difficult to put legends in a good location if a large 
> number of variables are plotted together. Attached figure is one of an 
> example. It is ugly to see that legends occupy a large portion of 
> figure. Can anyone has a good idea to put legend "horizontally" to 
> save space?
> By the way, the attached figure was made just simply using "go legend 
> title orientation", and orientation has only four choice: ur,ul, lr,ll
>    Thanks in advance!
>    Yangxing

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