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[ferret_users] Climatological Statistics

Hi all,

Is there any recommendations to save climatological statistics correctly  ?
I mean trying to respect as mush as possible CF convention but still usable by ferret.

Reading the paragraph on climatological statistics from
I am confused on what I can really use today.

Let's say I want to save a monthly climatological year calculated over 1961 to 1970. Average of all january months for time=01, Average of all february months for time=02, ...

From the CF convention, I would be tented to try the use of:

double time(time);
   time:units="days since 01-JAN-1961";
 double climatology_bounds(time,nv);
data: time="1965-01-15", "1965-02-15", "1965-03-15", "1965-04-15", "1965-05-15", "1965-06-15", "1965-07-15", "1965-08-15",
      "1965-09-15", "1965-10-15", "1965-11-15", "1965-12-15";
 climatology_bounds="1961-01-01",  "1970-02-01",
                    "1961-02-01",  "1970-03-01",
		     "1961-03-01",  "1970-04-01", ...

How those metadata will be translated with ferret anyway ?
Perhaps I should continue with the climatologycal axis proposed by ferret (ie year 0000) and use an explicite title such as '*Monthy decadal averages over 1961-1970'*


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
IPSL Global Climate Modelling Group

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