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[ferret_users] Documentation updates, and Hints for searching Ferret documentation

Hi all,
We've completed an update to the on-line Ferret Users guide, http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/documentation/users-guide, fixing many internal links.  Where you used to see something like (See p. 255), which was not linked correctly anywhere, you will now see a highlighted link to the correct section of the manual,  for instance "See the section on Modulo Regridding for details."

In addition to documentation's search box, many users find that a helpful way to find topics in the documentation is to bookmark a link to the Users Guide Index,
Open the index in your browser, and use the browser's search capability to look for words.  For instance, if I search for the word average, I see that there are links to
   @AVE regridding
   monthly climatology
   over complex regions in space
   transformation @AVE

seasonal averages

   @AVE average

Happy Ferreting -

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