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Re: [ferret_users] ppl aline or plot/nouser

Hi all,

I forward the suggestion proposed by Steve.
Steve made another suggestion which is to make two identical viewports, draw the time plot in one, and the other lines in the other:

So a demo script would be :

set view full
go margins 2 2 2 2

use monthly_navy_winds
plot/nolab uwnd[i=@ave,j=@ave,l=1:20], vwnd[i=@ave,j=@ave,l=50:60]

! Define a new viewport for the legend.
define view/x=0:1/y=0:1 full2
set view full2
go margins 2 2 2 2

! Plot nothing - but allow ppl aline to work (?)
plot/noaxis/nolab/i=1:5 i*0-1E+34

ppl pen 1,2
ppl aline/nouser 1,-1,-1,1,-1


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
IPSL Global Climate Modelling Group

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