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[ferret_users] bound variable detected as variable

Hi all,

I have noticed that when a boundarie variable is present in a netcdf file,
ferret detects this "associate" coordinate variable as a "classic" variable.

Consequence in my scripts, the use of
yes? shade `..varnames[i=1]`
to produce a shade with the first variable found in a file becomes not usable
since ferret takes the boundaries variable.

I have also saved a file with /bounds qualifier
and noticed that boundaries have been changed

Initially I have:
DEPTH1_1 = 5 ;
DEPTH1_1_bnds =
 -0.000244140625, 10.000244140625 ;

After a
yes? save/clobber/bounds/file=new.nc SOSALINE_GLOBAL

I get a
DEPTH1_1 = 5 ;
DEPTH1_1_bnds =
 4.5, 5.5 ;

I do not understand why ferret has changed those values.
Note that when I use /bounds qualifier, I also save bounds
even when axis is regular. Is there a way to control the write
of boundarie variables for each axis (ie qualifiers XBOUNDS, YBOUNDS, ZBOUNDS, TBOUNDS).

Download, http://dods.ipsl.jussieu.fr/brocksce/ferret_bugs/OCE_sosaline_global_ave.nc
and try

Tests made with ferret v620 (Linux 32bits)

Thanks gor any help on this topic.

Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
IPSL Global Climate Modelling Group

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