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Re: [ferret_users] Calculations between different time axis


You may try "regridding" transformation. You can just define a new time axis, then regrid results from different years onto that new time axis.

For example, you want to compare outputs from two different years (var1 for one year output, var2 for the other year, they have same xyz grids) :

in Ferret:
! define a new time axis tax1
def axis/t=""  tax1
! regrid var1, var2
let var1_new=var1[gt=tax1@asn]
let var2_new=var2[gt=tax1@asn]

Now var1_new and var2_new can be directly compared (since they have the same xyzt grids). Should be careful with @asn transformation, since it's blind association.

For your reference.


Paulo Santiago wrote:
Hi Ferreters,

I would like to calculate the differences between data with different time axis.

The data are results from the same model (same xyz grid) for different years.

I believe there's a simple and elegant way to do this task with Ferret, but I can't imagine how.

Thanks in advance.

Paulo Santiago

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