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Re: [ferret_users] Calculations between different time axis

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your fast reply.

I defined a new time axis and assigned to my variables. 

define axis/t="15-JAN":"15-DEC":1/units=months mytax

I was wondering if I could solve it without defining a new axis.


2009/8/11 Paul Young <Paul.J.Young@xxxxxxxx>
Hi Paulo,

You need to re-grid the data to a common time axis. The simplest way is to re-grid the data from year 2 onto the year 1 time axis. I'll illustrate with a hypothetical ferret session:

use "model_output_year_1.nc"
use "model_output_year_2.nc"

let var_yr1 = var[d=1]
let var_yr2 = var[d=2]
let var_yr2_new_t = var_yr[gt=var_yr1]

!Plot differences
fill/z=1000/l=1 var_yr1 - var_yr2_new_t

Take a look at the ferret documentation on re-gridding - ferret makes it quite straightforward for all kinds of re-gridding operations.




On Aug 11, 2009, at 1:11 PM, Paulo Santiago wrote:

Hi Ferreters,

I would like to calculate the differences between data with different time axis.

The data are results from the same model (same xyz grid) for different years.

I believe there's a simple and elegant way to do this task with Ferret, but I can't imagine how.

Thanks in advance.

Paulo Santiago

Paulo Santiago

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