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Re: [ferret_users] Contour Labels on White Box?

 I believe what Jammal meant is like the attached graph which is not
generated by ferret but using  gri ( , though I am not sure if it is
possible in ferret. It is a good feature if implemented particularly
when the labels get embedded in background colors

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 10:34 PM, William S.
Kessler<william.s.kessler@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I didn't understand the question (and still I'm not sure I understand it
> even after Ansley's answer).
> One solution to many of these dilemmas is to draw whatever you want using an
> otherwise unused color, then do a simple edit of the resulting postscript
> file to modify that particular color. Search the mail archives for "edit
> postscript" and you should find instructions to change the colors by
> modifying the "ct" (color table) code near the top of the postscript file.
> It's pretty easy even if you know nothing about postscript code.
> Another technique is to define two identical plot boxes (DEFINE VIEWPORT).
> Make your background SHADE or FILL plot, then use the second viewport to
> draw your white contours on top of that.
> Billy K
> On 5 Aug 09, at 9:14 AM, Ansley Manke wrote:
>> Hi Jammal,
>> No, there is not a way to make the labels for contour lines on a small
>> white background.  One idea for you to try is to use white for the lines and
>> labels, which might show up better, depending on the palettes you are using.
>>   yes? fill/i=1:15/j=1:15 i+j
>>   yes? contour/over/lev/color=white/i=1:15/j=1:15 i+j
>> Another thing people sometimes do is to make the final plot for a
>> publication, and then use a separate graphics editing program to make a few
>> changes to enhance the figure.  This might be another way to get exactly
>> what you want.
>> Ansley
>> jammal Tanclei wrote:
>>> Dear Ferret users,
>>> Is there any way to plot contour labels on white Box in CONTOUR command
>>> not to be disturbed by FILLed or SHADed background?
>>> Many thaks to you in advance.
>>> J.
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