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[ferret_users] Query aboout wavelet analysis in ferret

Dear ferret users,
I want to know two things
1) How to do 2d FFT analysis in ferret.Means how to plot the spatial plot of FFT amplitude and phase for different harmonics like anuual and semi annual hormonics.
2) How to do wavelet analysis using nc data in ferret to see the dominent periodices in a time series data.
If any sample code is available can u please suggest me. 

Rajesh Sikhakolli,
Oceanic Sciences Division,
Meteorology and Oceanography Group,
Space Applications Centre (ISRO),
Bopal Campus, Ahmedabad - 380 058.
ph: 079-26916052 (off)
     09227760711 (Mob).
e-mail : srajesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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