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[ferret_users] Mask out lakes

Title: Mask out lakes

Good day,

  I am using netcdf files and the following to set a land mask :

go land_detail black overlay 8 9  blue lightblue
go fland 5 grey

This works fairly well, however I have lakes showing in the greyed out areas.  I would also like to mask these out.  Could you advise me on how to go about this in ferret?

Sample code:

set data our_data.20090514_R20090514.nc
shade/nolabels/k=1/levels=(-inf)(-1.0,1.0,.05)(inf) votemper,nav_lon,nav_lat
ppl xlab "SST difference (oCel)"
ppl Title "Forecast 20090514 (day 2)"
ppl shade
go land_detail black overlay 8 9 blue lightblue
go fland 5 grey


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