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Re: [ferret_users] Re: shade under the -gif mode

Hi Ansley and David,

I have just run into a case similar to David's using shade when multiple
column figs are needed, where the color shifted one tick upwards on the
most right cols.

There are 3x3 plots on each figure.

Attached ppt slides contains (only the most right cols are shown here for
each case):

left panel: generated in the normal ferret mode

middle panel: in the ferret -gif model (color is shifted and the values of
0 to -1 are now colored yellow instead of green as it should be.)

right panel: in the ferret -gif mode but shade the same field again, which
yields the same plots as in the left panel.

(In all three cases, the first and second cols do not experience any

This behavior does not occur all the times.


--- Peng

> Hi David,
> Good detective work, and thanks for writing back. We don't yet have a
> fix for this bug, but thanks for the second report.  It's good to have
> another example of the behavior.
> Ansley
> David Wang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I dove into the achieve and found a workaround (provided by Ansley) --
>> to draw the shade plot twice in the second viewport. Apparently this
>> is a bug that persists.
>> http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/maillists/tmap/ferret_users/fu_2008/msg00470.html
>> D.
>> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:53 AM, David Wang <climater@xxxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:climater@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>     Hey Ferreters,
>>     I ran into a pretty odd problem with shade plots under the -gif
>>     mode. I would create a gif image using the -gif command line
>>     switch (ferret -gif -script foo.jnl), with two viewports (left and
>>     right), and in each of which a shade plot. The plot in the first
>>     (left) viewport in the resultant gif file is perfectly fine. The
>>     color shades of the plot in the second (right) viewport, however,
>>     are offset. The problem is illustrated by the attached image, in
>>     which I plotted (shade/line/key.... frame/file=sst.gif) the same
>>     data on both viewports. In the right viewport, all shade colors
>>     are shifted by 5 degC. Such a problem doesn't exist in the Ferret
>>     session under the normal mode (on screen). I wonder if anyone can
>>     reproduce this problem. I use Ferret 6.1 on linux.
>>     Here is the code:
>>     \can mode verify
>>     can data/a
>>     use levitus_climatology
>>     set view left
>>     shade/line/key/nolab/pal=blue_darkred temp[k=1]
>>     set view right
>>     shade/line/key/nolab/pal=blue_darkred temp[k=1]
>>     frame/file=sst.gif
>>     Thank you,
>>     D.
>>     --
>>     life grows, death doesn't. there is no dress rehearsal.
>> --
>> life grows, death doesn't. there is no dress rehearsal.

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