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Re: [ferret_users] land_detail missing Nunavut

Hi Derek & Ansley,
I've been meaning to get Canadian boundaries for my own purposes and your query was an incentive to do so, casting the GIS data from
into Ferret-friendly netCDF format. Although Ansley indicates that all but Nunavut may be on an existing file, it was just as easy to put all 13 Canadian provinces/territories in a new file for ease of access and plotting. Attached is a sample graphic generated from it using the "polygon" command (I have the other 12). The full datafile (CanadaProvinces.nc) is 0.85MB or so and is available on request, but I'll send you separately
the ASCII lon,lat file for Nunavut Derek with a demo script to plot it.

Good luck,

Derek Tsui wrote:
Dear Ferret Users,

I am using land_detail to draw boundaries and noticed that the Nunavut boundary is missing. Is there anyway to add this? Do I need to modify land_detail? Any suggestions would help. Thanks,


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