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Re: [ferret_users] ppl shakey

Hi David,
Some plot settings are persistent, and others are reset on each plot command. The arguments to shakey are ones which are reset to the defaults on each color plot.  So there's not really a way to make that setting up front. I think I agree that these settings should be able to be made once, so that your plots are consistent, so we'll look into changing that.


David Wang wrote:
Dear Billy et al,

Thanks for your useful tricks. However, my problem remains. If I add

ppl shakey,,.12

in startup.go, then in Ferret execute

go startup.go
use levitus_climatology
shade/line/key/k=1 temp

The tick labels and contour labels are indeed enlarged, but the shakey labels remain the original size.


On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 6:51 PM, William S. Kessler <William.S.Kessler@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a startup file that I execute (manually, but I think that's just because I am too lazy to script it) every time I start Ferret.

Mine consists of the following:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sp mkdir fjnl     ! make a subdirectory fjnl to store the jnl files
set mode journal fjnl/ferret.jnl    ! tell ferret to write the jnl files in subdirectory fjnl
sp ls -t1 fjnl/* | head -2 | tail -1    ! list the most recent jnl file

\can mode verify     ! omit echoing to screen for the next commands
! file to start a good window on ferret
set win/si=.5 1             ! open a medium-sized window
ppl cross,1    ! set the default to include zero lines on plots
ppl conset,.12     ! set the default contour label size to 0.12 inches
ppl axlsze,.12,.12    ! set the default axis label size to 0.12 inches
go ptest        ! make a test plot
set mode verify     ! reset the echoing
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I call this startup.go, and put it in my ferret_paths. Then I just type "start" at the beginning of a Ferret session, and all those things are defined. I'm pretty sure you could put that SHAKEY thing in there.

Note the 3 lines at the beginning. Those put the jnl files in a subdirectory called fjnl, and tell me the most recent. I have a set of tools for searching these, that I wrote to the user group some years ago: search the mail archives for "grepjnl" for instructions.

I have a new tool to get rid of the resulting annoying small jnl files that remain in the original directory, but I don't have time to write that now. Ask me again sometime.


On Jul 13, 2009, at 12:49 PM, David Wang wrote:

Hi Ferreters,

I cannot access the mailing list archive at this point. So please excuse me if there are any answers in the previous discussions.

I wonder if it is possible once for all to set the font size of shakey labels to a certain value. As far as I figure, this has to be done on a plot-by-plot basis:

shade/set whatever
ppl shakey ,,0.15
ppl shade


ppl shakey ,,0.15
shade whatever

doesn't avail.

(on the contrary, the following does work:

ppl axlsze .15,.15
ppl conset .15
shade whatever

This can be a bit awkward if I have more than a few plots in need of a larger shakey label font.

Do I miss anything obvious? I'm using the latest Ferret (32-bit Linux).


turn and live.

turn and live.

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