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[ferret_users] ppl shakey

Hi Ferreters,

I cannot access the mailing list archive at this point. So please excuse me if there are any answers in the previous discussions.

I wonder if it is possible once for all to set the font size of shakey labels to a certain value. As far as I figure, this has to be done on a plot-by-plot basis:

shade/set whatever
ppl shakey ,,0.15
ppl shade


ppl shakey ,,0.15
shade whatever

doesn't avail.

(on the contrary, the following does work:

ppl axlsze .15,.15
ppl conset .15
shade whatever

This can be a bit awkward if I have more than a few plots in need of a larger shakey label font.

Do I miss anything obvious? I'm using the latest Ferret (32-bit Linux).


turn and live.

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