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Re: [ferret_users] geostrophic transport


| using sea surface height anomalies obtained from aviso, how to
| calculate geostrophic transport .  The area I am am studying is 
| southern Indian ocean lon 40e:160e and 60S:25S

Konstantin Lebedev (klebedev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
and Nikolai Maximenko (maximenk@xxxxxxxxxx)
of IPRC/APDRC, University of Hawaii are developing such an Argo-Aviso
product as you just describe.  They use absolute surface dynamic
height, which is a mean dynamic height plus Aviso SSH anomaly, as a
reference of geostrophic calculations on Argo hydrography.

I looked at the geostrophic flow (horizontal derivatives
of dynamic height divided by the Coriolis parameter)
of their dataset in the South Indian Ocean.  It looked very good.
Likely to be much better than geostrophic calculations relative
to a fixed reference level.

They say you can contact them if you are interested in their data.


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