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[ferret_users] time regridding - 2 different length

dear ferret users,

I'm trying to do something I thought was working, but I just realised that there was something wrong. I want to extract pressure data from a file which covers the whole year 1998 every 6 hours (1460 time steps) and regrid it on another grid which is only a month long but still every 6hours (l=1:124 for january)

I tried this:

yes? define grid/like=msl[d=2] mslgrid !mslgid is for january only
yes? let newvar=prmsl[g=mslgrid, d=1] ! prmsl is over the hole year

I thought the result would be the 124 first values of PRMSL spatially and time regridded on my grid "mslgrid", but even if it looks like that (newvar is on the right grid mslgrid), the values inside newvar are way too large!! (larger than the original PRMSL). I tried with other regridding functions like gt=@XACT, but the result is exactly the same.

thanks if somebody has any clue, I'm still not very use to Ferret!


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