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[ferret_users] insert data into variable at certain time step

Hi Ferreters,

Simple question, couldn't find an answer so far.
In a repeat loop, I am calculating lagged cross correlations:

yes? repeat/range = 1:5:1/Name=lag (let q = timeseries[d=1,i=1,l=@shf:`lag`]; \
let p = 3dvariable[d=2]; go variance;\ All I want to do is to insert a 2-d field (correl) into a 3-d variable (x,y,t) at each time step inside the repeat loop, something like the following.
	     let lag_corr/l=`lag` = correl)

In other programming languages this is easily done by filling an array:
for (t in 1:5) {
	lag_corr[,,t] = correl(t)

I am using FERRET v6.1 on Ubuntu Linux.

Any help appreciated,

Fabian Lienert                  |  Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
PhD Student                     |  Meteorological Service of Canada
phone: +1(250)721-7211          |  University of Victoria
cccma-student-003@xxxxxxxx      |  P.O. Box 1700
http://www.cccma.bc.ec.gc.ca    |  Victoria, BC,  V8W 2Y2, Canada

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