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[ferret_users] changing dimension

Dear users,
                        I would like to extract a subset of the 4 dimensional data set to a 3 dimensional data with depth dimension not present in the sub set. For example I have ocean_atlas_subset.nc with all 4 dimensions defined in it, Now I want to have sst extracted from it with
only X Y and T dimension and sub set should not have z dimension retained in it and I would like to save it as another NC file. Which is the easiest way to do this in ferret? I Tried the below method but when I do a show grid it has Z dimension in it.

I can think of another way that is to list the variable to a text file read it again in a new grid with only xyt dim etc but I was looking for an easy way with in ferret to get the results
please help
with best regards,

use ocean_atlas_subset.nc

def axis/x=40:120:1/units=degrees_east Longitude
def axis/y=-30:26:1/units=degrees_north Latitude
define axis/t=1:173:1/units=months time
def grid/x=longitude/y=latitude/t=time xytgrd
let ntemp=temp[g=xytgrd]

Below is the type of grid  what I have in original data 
 sh da
     currently SET data sets:
    1> /home/sjo/pkgs/ferret/fer_dsets/data/ocean_atlas_subset.nc
 name     title                                                I         J           K             L
 TEMP     Temperature                      1:180     1:90      1:19      1:12

 below is the type of grid  what I want to obtain
    2> /home/sjo/pkgs/ferret/fer_dsets/data/monthly_navy_winds.cdf  (default)
 name     title                                                          I         J         K         L
 UWND     ZONAL WIND                             1:144     1:73      ...       1:132
 VWND     MERIDIONAL WIND                  1:144     1:73      ...       1:132

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