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Re: [ferret_users]intelligent interpolation method


Have you tried:

    my_var[gx=lo_x:hi_x:delta_x, gy=lo_y:hi_y:delta_y]?

The default algorithm is bi-linear interpolation.

see http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/documentation/users-guide/Grids-Regions/GRIDS#_VPINDEXENTRY_653

    - Steve


Peter Szabo wrote:
Dear All,

I have a data set on a coarse, lat-lon grid. Say it is 0.1˚ X 0.1˚ and i want it to be on a 0.01˚ X 0.01˚ but getting newer informations into my original data set related to finer surface, like smaller hills, desert, lakes(?). Is there an intelligent interpolation method for doing this? If i am not mistaken, the Laplacian gridding algorithm (scat2gridlaplace) fits a surface function to the points i have and then interpolates to the newer grid from that surface. But is it applicable to solve this problem? What kind of surface does it use?

Any help is appreciated :)

Peter Szabo

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