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[ferret_users] ..varnames

Hi all,

I have found that ..varnames returns also bounds coordinate variables.

yes? use levitus_climatology.cdf
yes? list ..varnames
           VARIABLE : ..VARNAMES
            FILENAME : levitus_climatology.cdf
            SUBSET   : 2 points (X)
1   / 1:"TEMP"
2   / 2:"SALT"
yes? save/file=tyty.nc/clobber/bounds temp[k=1]
LISTing to file tyty.nc

yes? use tyty.nc
yes? list ..varnames
            VARIABLE : ..VARNAMES
            FILENAME : tyty.nc
            SUBSET   : 4 points (X)
1   / 1:"XAXLEVITR_bnds"
2   / 2:"YAXLEVITR_bnds"
3   / 3:"ZAXLEVITR1_1_bnds"
4   / 4:"TEMP"

That is not what I was expecting from command yes? list ..varnames
since I consider bound variables impied by the definition
of the bounds attribut as coordinate variables.

Let me know if this can be corrected in a next release.

tested with FERRET v6.2 on a x86_64



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