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Re: [ferret_users] How to drawing rainbow color lines?

Hi Jian,

Ferret has a MODE LINECOLORS which lets us set any number of line colors, but they must be set individually; they do not just take on a palette of colors. Colors are set via PPL COLOR as always; PPL COLOR,ipen,R,G,B where R,G,B are red,green,blue take on values 0 to 100.

Try this;

set mode linecolors:12

ppl color,7,100,50,0   ! orange
ppl color,8,0,55,0     ! dark green
ppl color,9,60,0,100   ! purple
ppl color,10,100,60,70 ! pink
ppl color,11,80,70,60  ! tan
ppl color,12,100,75,0  ! yellow
plot/thick/line/i=1:100 \
cos(i/20), cos(i/24), cos(i/28), cos(i/32), \
cos(i/36), cos(i/40), cos(i/44), cos(i/48), \
cos(i/52), cos(i/56), cos(i/60), cos(i/64)

CANCEL MODE LINECOLORS  ! sets the number back to the default of 6
SET WINDOW/NEW ! the CANCEL MODE doesn't take effect until a new window is started.

This has remained undocumented because until recently it was not working correctly in all modes of Ferret (batch mode -gif mode, and so on.) We'll get it into the documentation shortly. Note that choosing to set extra colors for lines takes away from the number of colors available for color-filled plots using palettes.

Making scripts to assign sets of colors would be pretty straitforward.



Jian Ma wrote:
Dear All,

I am thinking of drawing rainbow color lines as default in GrADS. It is
a useful capability but Ferret could only draw 6+white color lines with
3 thickness. What a pity!

Is there any method to draw any color line like we easily do in shade?
Or will new versions of Ferret include that function?

Many thanks,

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