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[ferret_users] time interpolation - missing values

Title: time interpolation - missing values

Hi everyone,

here's a probably known problem, but I can't find a solution.

To feed a model, I need a 6-hourly dataset of many variables, one file every months. For some variables, I only have daily values, and I want to interpolate the daily values on a 6-hourly grid that I have. The problem is as the daily grid is defined at 00:00 every day, there's no value for the last day (I would need the following day to continue the interpolation...)

Here's an example for january 1998:

yes? let msli = msl[gl=msl[d=1], d=2]  !MSL[d=2] is the daily and MSL[d=1] is the 6-hourly

The problem is that the new variable as been defined for l=1:121, but is empty for l=122:124 (31day*4-times-a-day = 124 points)

Any idea how to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot anyway!


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