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Re: [ferret_users] time dimension lost in scat2gridgauss function

Hi Igaratza,
This week we will be releasing a new Ferret executable which includes a new function,  SCATGRID_BIN_XYT  This function computes binned averages of scattered data onto an XYT grid.  I think this will be your best solution.


Igaratza Fraile wrote:
Hi ferreters,
I have some monthly data (irregular time steps) in ASCII format, at randomly distributed spatial locations. I would like to regrid it on a regular grid (1ºx1º) with monthly values (12 time steps). The ASCII data file contains 4 columns, i.e.:
Longitude latitude catc_rate Month (1-12)
20.5     -10.5   1.2    6
21      22      1.2     8
19      -8.5    22.2    6
5.5     15      15.1    6
4.2     12.1    12.6    4
I try to use the scat2grid function as follows
file/var="lon,lat,catch,month" My_file.dat
define axis/x=0:80:1 xax # I´m only interested in the Indian Ocean
define axis/y=-30:30:1 yax
define axis/t=1:12:1 tax
let new_catch=scat2gridgauss_XY(lon,lat,catch,x[gx=xax],y[gy=yax],t[gt=tax],1,1,2,2)
My problem is that I lose the time dimension in the regridding process.
? sh grid new_catch
GRID (G020)
name axis      # pts   start   end
(AX010) X      81 r    0       80
(AX012) Y      61 r    -30     30
normal Z
normal T
Did anyone have similar problems?
Any help will be appreciated.


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