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Re: [ferret_users] aline colors

Hi -
yes, ALINE is an old command and has always had its quirks.  We're putting into the documentation a note that it's deprecated - no longer supported.  It'll remain in there as is, so if people have it in scripts it'll continue to work as it has, but its use is discouraged.

Since ALINE was originally put in, we added the ability to just give a set of points, by putting them in brackets, as in Billy's example{7,10},{4,4}, so there's absolutely NO NEED for ALINE.


Derek Tsui wrote:
Oddly aline doesn't change colors even after defining the color, but plot works great. Thanks!!

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 3:31 PM, William S. Kessler <William.S.Kessler@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Derek -

Define a gray color with equal values of R-G-B. For example:

ppl color,5,40,40,40

That will redefine pen color 5 (cyan) to be light gray.

But ALINE can be flaky. I would just use plot/over:

plot/vs/over/nolab/line=5 {7,10},{4,4}   ! draw a line on a plot with defined-on-the-fly values

You could do this in a repeat loop to draw a grid.


On 13 May 09, at 10:23 AM, Derek Tsui wrote:

Dear Ferret Users,

I am trying to draw grid lines using ppl aline, however I can't seem to control the line colors. I am trying to get a grey line color. I've looked at ppl pen and ppl color but was unable to find such color. Does anyone have any idea how I can draw grey grid lines?


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