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Re: [ferret_users] aline colors

Hi Derek -

Define a gray color with equal values of R-G-B. For example:

ppl color,5,40,40,40

That will redefine pen color 5 (cyan) to be light gray.

But ALINE can be flaky. I would just use plot/over:

plot/vs/over/nolab/line=5 {7,10},{4,4} ! draw a line on a plot with defined-on-the-fly values

You could do this in a repeat loop to draw a grid.


On 13 May 09, at 10:23 AM, Derek Tsui wrote:

Dear Ferret Users,

I am trying to draw grid lines using ppl aline, however I can't seem to control the line colors. I am trying to get a grey line color. I've looked at ppl pen and ppl color but was unable to find such color. Does anyone have any idea how I can draw grey grid lines?


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