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Re: [ferret_users] PPL+ error: You're attempting to use more colors than are available.

Hi Jean,
First, for your example, there is no need to use REPEAT to loop over all  your locations. This will be quite slow, and the job can be done instead with a single command:

  go polymark poly/nolab/over/fill/palette=red lon[i=1:425871:2190] lat[i=1:425871:2190] 1 plus .2

This will draw all the polygons with one command.

To answer your question, though, what do you mean that Ferret doesn't take the reset command?  It will continue to issue this message, even though the colors are being reset. This is because every plot command that's going to use a color palette will re-load the palette, whether it's the same palette as was used before or not. The message should perhaps not really be labeled as an error, but instead might be thought of as a warning, because this situation often does not cause any real problems.


jean li wrote:
Dear Ferret users:

I have a script to plot the polymarks. This particular line in the script sometime doesn't work
repeat/i=1:5425871:2190 (go polymark poly/nolab/over/fill/palette=red lon[i=`i`] lat[i=`i`] 1 plus .2)

I got the "PPL+ error: You're attempting to use more colors than are available.
             Using SHASET RESET to re-use protected colors may help."

but ferret doesn't take the "SHASET RESET" command.

How to get the script to work consistently?

Thanks for your help!


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