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Re: [ferret_users] Error BAR problem

Hi -
Thank you for the report.  You're correct, the script error_bars_demo.jnl does not show error bars on the example which has a depth axis.

Looking back and running old versions of Ferret, this problem seems to go back to quite a long time ago.  We'll check into it. 


Sudheer Joseph wrote:
Dear users,
                      I am having problems in using errorbars for
variables with depth dimension. Even the example ferret script which
has an example with depth dimension do not plot the error bars. Is
this a version related problem? because the example script must have
been working with some version of the ferret?.
It is the same case with the go file for putting filled error bar polygon
any tips on this?

for example the below script do not show any error bars which is part of the
example script in examples directory
ppl axtype 1,1        ! restore normal axes
! on (vertical) Z axis
define axis/z=1:15:1/depth/units=meters z5
let/quiet xp4 = Z[gz=z5]
let/quiet yp4 = SIN(xp4/5)
let/quiet errors = 0.5/(xp4+5)
plot/title="vertical profile" yp4
GO error_bars polygon/color=red/thickness=2/title="variability" yp4 errors
and same is the case with

 go plot_swath
with regards,


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Andhra Pradesh, India.
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