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Re: [ferret_users] setfont: Read error on font file

Hi all,
Turns out Gary just had a mixup with one of the tar files he downloaded - no problems after all.


Gary Strand wrote:

I've just installed all the latest/greatest ferret 6.1 executables/environment/datasets on a 64-bit Linux machine here, and while I can now read those "64 bit offset" files, ferret bombs with the above error, namely:

prompt> ferret
        FERRET v6.1  
        Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 - 03/25/08
        29-Apr-09 10:17     

yes? PLOT/VS/LINE/I=1:314 i*cos(i/20),i*sin(i/20)
 setfont: Read error on font file:/contrib/ferret/ppl/fonts/fnt01.chr

Any suggestions?

Gary Strand

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