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Re: [ferret_users] PPL/RESET

Hi David,
Thank you for the report. You're right - ppl/reset does reset about 30 PPLUS settings (including canceling viewports by the way), but AXLABP is not one of them, and it's quite possible there are others. We'll get that one fixed, anyway. I notice that TICS settings also need to be reset here. If you run across others, let me know.


David Wang wrote:
Hi Ferreters,

I'd not call this a real problem, but in the manual, PPL/RESET is said to restore PPLUS to start-up settings. However, it does not restore the location of axis labels that PPL AXLABP sets (nor PPL AXSET, probably others as well but I didn't test). For example, the second plot the following code generates still has its axix labels on the right/top:

set data "http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/SOURCES/.Indices/.nino/.NCEP_OIv2/.NINO3/dods";

plot/nolab/set nino3
ppl axlabp,1,1
ppl plot

can view
plot nino3

Any comments?


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