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Re: [ferret_users] large file support

Hi Robert,

I too am using ferret on a Mac and I got the error you describe when I tried to read in files encoded in a newer version of netcdf. If you have the NCO operators installed, try running this command on the file and then read it the output:

ncks --fl_fmt=classic --fl_out file_read_by_ferret.nc file_not_read_by_ferret.nc

Good luck,


On 22 Apr 2009, at 16:35, Robert Osinski wrote:

I’m using operating system  Mac OS X 10.5.6 and the the newest ver. Is Ferret is 5.7 only . Any other ideas, please.

On 4/22/09 1:58 PM, "Ansley Manke" <Ansley.B.Manke@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Robert,
The most recent builds of Ferret were built with OPeNDAP libraries that have large-file support. Can you upgrade to a newer version of Ferret? (what operating system are you using?)


Robert Osinski wrote:
large file support Hello,
I can not open large file (11 GB) ferret file. To create this file I used:
   if (my_task == master_task) then
      path = trim(data_file%full_name)
      iostat = nf90_open(path=trim(path), mode=NF90_64BIT_OFFSET, ncid=ncid)
      call check(iostat)
But when I tried to open this file with ferret (v. 5.7) I’gov the message:
yes? use iceh.Rarc48.19830114.nc
 ** netCDF error: Not a netcdf file
 is this a CDF file ?
Is anybody knows how to solve this problem,
Dr. Robert Osinski
NPS, Monterey

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