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[ferret_users] PPL/RESET

Hi Ferreters,

I'd not call this a real problem, but in the manual, PPL/RESET is said to restore PPLUS to start-up settings. However, it does not restore the location of axis labels that PPL AXLABP sets (nor PPL AXSET, probably others as well but I didn't test). For example, the second plot the following code generates still has its axix labels on the right/top:

set data "http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/SOURCES/.Indices/.nino/.NCEP_OIv2/.NINO3/dods"

plot/nolab/set nino3
ppl axlabp,1,1
ppl plot

can view
plot nino3

Any comments?


real life, real faith.

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