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Re: [ferret_users] Binning

Hi -
I'm not sure how you would define bins and at the same time keep the pairs of (precipitation, velocity) together. One thing you might do is just decimate the data, which would go something like this:
LET npts = `velocity,return=isize`
PLOT/VS precip[i=1:`npoints`:10] ,velocity[i=1:`npoints`:10]

The only other related thing might be the scat2grid_bin_xy function, but that results in your data on a grid, so a scatter plot no longer makes much sense.
yes? show function scat2grid_bin_xy
    Put scattered data into XY grid by binning
    XPTS: X coordinates of scattered input triples
    YPTS: Y coordinates of scattered input triples
    F: F(X,Y) 3rd component of scattered input triples.
    XAXPTS: X axis coordinates of a regular output grid
    YAXPTS: Y axis coordinates of a regular output grid


Bappa Nag wrote:
I have 10 yrs of data and I want to scatter plot vertical velocity vs precipitation. I have too many no of points and so I want to bin the data. I there any script in built in ferret, which will do the same?

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