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[ferret_users] How to project 3D data onto an arbitrary 2D surface?

I have a 3D temperature field (TFIELD below), and I want to project it onto a surface topography defined by HSFC(i,j)

 name     title                             I         J         K         L
 LEV      level (-999 is surface)          1:8       ...       ...       ...
 HSFC     Surface topography               1:128     1:64      ...       1:12
 TFIELD   Level temperature                1:128     1:64      1:8       1:12
 HFIELD   Level altitude                   1:128     1:64      1:8       1:12

Finding the closest analogue in the FAQ, I tried used @WEQ, but this did not work (the surface temperature turned into a checkerboard of discontinuous values). Specifically, I did the following:

1) transform from native pressure levels to a height grid:

define AXIS/Z=-50:5500:50 /UNIT=meters zha
!plots of this looked good

2) project onto HSFC surface height field:

set mode interp
let zeroh=Z[g=Thz]-HSFC
LET kernel = zeroh[Z=@WEQ:0]
LET integrand = kernel*Thz
Let Ts=integrand[Z=@SUM]
!plots of Ts were nuts

What's the simplest way to do this correctly?



Lev Tarasov -   Dept of Physics and Physical Oceanography,
		Memorial University of Newfoundland.
                email: lev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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