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Re: [ferret_users] Problems with Ferret on Mac

Hi Jean,
Here's another possibility.  Try:

CANCEL MODE segments

Here's the discussion from the Users Guide for this mode. Its default stat is SET so canceling it may help with what you're describing:

Ref Sec31.8.17.


SET MODE SEGMENTS causes Ferret to utilize GKS segments ("GKS" is the Graphical Kernel System—an international graphics standard). On some systems MODE SEGMENTS may be necessary to update windows following "occlusion" events or to resize window with the mouse.

Segments, however, make heavy demands on the system's virtual memory. If Ferret crashes during graphics output due to insufficient virtual memory try CANCEL MODE SEGMENTS.

default state: set

jean li wrote:
Hi All:

I am having problems with Ferret that's installed on the Mac power PC. It often gets frozen when the program request more memory than the default memory. It has nothing to do with the set memory, and I requested enough memory for the program to run, but it just stop in the middle of the program, or the plotting routine. It seems that my version of the ferret on Mac power PC seems to have problems when requesting any memory that exceeds the default amount. I am not talking about the big memory that greater than 1G, and I know that Ferret on Mac can only allocate maximum of 2G memory.

The Unix system on Mac power PC is very unique. Is this because that I haven't installed the Fink?

Many thanks for your help!


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