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Re: [ferret_users] how to specify position of ferret's window in my monitor?


| Can I specify position of ferret's window on my monitor?
| In dual-monitors, center of ferret's window is placed on the frame
| between two monitors, so every time I should drive out it toward
| either of monitor.

It seems to me that Ferret's windows tend to be always located at the
center of the screen, and I guess that that is the source of your

Normally it's the window manager which decides the initial position
of windows.  So, I guess that Ferret may be overriding the
window manager's positioning or expressing a strong preference
about positioning, or something. If this is actually what's
happening, I guess it's better not to specify an initial position
but to delegate the positioning to the window manager altogether.

If your window manager has a positioning option on a per-client basis,
you might want to try that.  It depends on what operating system you
use.  If it's Linux or Unix, you may be using KDE or Gnome,
and KDE's window manager does have such an option, which can be set by
right-clicking on the window's titlebar.  Gnome seems to have similar


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