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[ferret_users] Arguments to GO tools

Dear all,
I have series of netcdf data in the name "np_1980_u.nc","np_1981_u.nc" ..."np_2007_u.nc" stored in the directory "nc2one_u" and "np_1980_v.nc","np_1981_v.nc" ..."np_2007_v.nc" stored in the directory "nc2one_v"

I write a jnl called "plot.jnl"

use "nc2one_u/np_1980_u.nc"
use "nc2one_v/np_1980_v.nc"
spawn gksm2ps -p portrait -l cps -o abc_1980.eps metafile.plt

If I want to plot the data of 1981 i have to change all the "1980" in the jnl i want to add an arguments to GO tools, the argumentsis the year number such as(g plot 1981), how can I use the argment in the jul?
use "nc2one_u/np908_"$1"_u.nc" seems does not work.

Thank you in advance.


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