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Hi Naveen,
You can define up to 200 viewports for a single plot. For instance, here's a set of commands that defines 16 viewports on a page
define view/x=0.00,0.25/y=0.00,0.25 v11
define view/x=0.25,0.50/y=0.00,0.25 v12
define view/x=0.50,0.75/y=0.00,0.25 v13
define view/x=0.75,1.00/y=0.00,0.25 v14
define view/x=0.00,0.25/y=0.25,0.50 v21
define view/x=0.25,0.50/y=0.25,0.50 v22
define view/x=0.50,0.75/y=0.25,0.50 v23
define view/x=0.75,1.00/y=0.25,0.50 v24
define view/x=0.00,0.25/y=0.50,0.75 v31
define view/x=0.25,0.50/y=0.50,0.75 v32
define view/x=0.50,0.75/y=0.50,0.75 v33
define view/x=0.75,1.00/y=0.50,0.75 v34
define view/x=0.00,0.25/y=0.75,1.00 v41
define view/x=0.25,0.50/y=0.75,1.00 v42
define view/x=0.50,0.75/y=0.75,1.00 v43
define view/x=0.75,1.00/y=0.75,1.00 v44
Or, they can be of different sizes and shapes, however you want to set them up.


Naveen Shahi wrote:
can i have more than four predefined viewport for plotting different
parameter in same window.

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