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Re: [ferret_users] [ferret users] future of ferret & netcdf-4

Hi Mark,
We've heard from several users with the same questions; this is clearly an issue coming up for lots of folks. Ferret reads netCDF files through the OPeNDAP libraries. We were asking the people at OPeNDAP about this just last week, and they've been working on getting netCDF-4 capabilities into those libraries. It sounds as if this should be available quite soon, and as soon as it's available we will link Ferret with that and make a release.


Mark.Collier@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I'm beginning to use netcdf-4, for me through the python interface. I'm wondering what are
the future plans for ferret and builds incorporating netcdf-4? Personally many of the nice new
features of netcdf-4 may not be all that appealing if the files cannot be read directly by ferret.
Having to preprocess netcdf-4 files to make them "ferretable" would also be inefficient. I suspect
these considerations will be of great interest to the upcoming CMIP5 activity and for those who
actively rely on ferret to check and analyse that data before and during submission.

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