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Re: [ferret_users] plotting vector time series at a point

Hi Mick,

For a long time I'd been looking for a way to plot vector time series using Ferret, and I always find this same answer.

I like the result we obtain with the commands you explained. However, I would like to get arrows or wind barbs in place of simple sticks.

Is there a way to get it?

Paulo Santiago

2009/3/16 mick spillane <mick.spillane@xxxxxxxx>
Hi Naveen,
  The "ppl plotuv" command is good for this purpose though there are other ways. It works by setting up a pair of
simple line plots (plot/set u,v) then using ppl plotuv to actually draw the "barbless" arrows which is what people usually want.

! demo of  barbless vector time series at a point
set view upper
def axis/t=1-jan-2009:31-dec-2009:1/units=days/t0=1-jan-2009 tax
let uwnd=randu(t[gt=tax]) ; let vwnd=randn(t[gt=tax]) plot/nolab/set uwnd,vwnd
ppl plotuv

! verify with a u,u plot that the arrows are aligned at 45deg
set view lower ; plot/nolab/set uwnd,uwnd ; ppl plotuv

Good luck,
Naveen Shahi wrote:
Dear all,
Actually i am trying for vector plot of  uwnd,vwnd
at a particular lat,lon for the whole year.
how can i plot it.

with warm regards,

Paulo Henrique Santiago de Maria

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