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Dear Users,
                       I am using the below script to plot temperature of 2 locations for comparison and wanted to put legend,
But only one legend is appearing, is there a way out?. If I try to plot 2 using single plot command the legends will appear but there is no way to make one as dash.( specify property of one line)
set vie ur
 plot/set_up/nolab/hlim=2:30:1/vlim=0:2000:100/color=red temp[x=50:60@ave,y=5:10@ave,l=1,d=1]
go legend 1 "levitus_lat:50N:10N" lr
ppl plot
plot/set_up/ov/nolab/hlim=2:30:1/dash/color=red/vlim=0:2000:100 temp[x=50:60@ave,y=-15:-10@ave,l=1]
go legend 2 "levitus_lat:15S-10S" lr
ppl plot/ov

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