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[ferret_users] *urgent help* needed: loading opendap data via ferret

I am having trouble to load temperature data from some OPeNDAP servers such as http://ensembles.ecmwf.int/thredds/dodsC/ocean/ecmwf/eg/thetao.html. From the web browser, one can open this link and see the data structure. The variable 'thetao' has 5 dimensions: *[time = 0..575]*[ensemble = 0..4][level = 0..32][latitude = 0..178][longitude = 0..359]. The dimension 'ensemble' is useless to me. When I try to load the data via ferret, ferret uses 'ensemble=0..4' as the time dimension and no temperature data can be loaded. Ferret assumes the data has four dimensions instead of five. I don't know how to remove the dimension 'ensemble' and let 'time' to point to the axis 'T' (index 'L'). There must be some tricks to load this data. I guess it might be something like "yes? use/ORDER=.... URL" and could be very easy for some ferret experts. Please help me. Thanks

yes? use "http://ensembles.ecmwf.int/thredds/dodsC/ocean/ecmwf/eg/thetao";
yes? show data
    currently SET data sets:
1> http://ensembles.ecmwf.int/thredds/dodsC/ocean/ecmwf/eg/thetao (default) name title I J K L
Institution responsible for the ... ... ... ...
Experiment identifier ... ... ... ...
Number of the simulation in the 1:5 ... ... ... SOURCE Method of production of the dat ... ... ... ... THETAO Potential temperature ref to su 1:360 1:179 1:33 1:5

yes? show grid THETAO
name axis # pts start end LONGITUDE LONGITUDE 360mr 0E 1W latitude LATITUDE 179 r 89S 89N level DEPTH (m) 33 i- 0 5500 ENSEMBLE T 5 r 1 5
*** *

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