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Re: [ferret_users] sticking noaxes ?

Dear Users,
I am trying to put a legend in the below plot for the 2 line graph. however only one line is appearing in plot, If I try plotting using single plot command it comes but there is no way to specify the property of each line in this case!. It takes what ever default and if it is to variable plot the lines are always black and red.
Please help

use levitus_climatology
set vie ur
plot/set_up/nolab/hlim=2:30:1/vlim=0:2000:100/color=red temp[x=50:60@ave,y=5:10@ave,l=1,d=1]
go legend 1 "levitus_lat:50N:10N" lr
ppl plot
plot/set_up/ov/nolab/hlim=2:30:1/dash/color=red/vlim=0:2000:100 temp[x=50:60@ave,y=-15:-10@ave,l=1]
go legend 2 "levitus_lat:15S-10S" lr
ppl plot/ov

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