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Re: [ferret_users] sticking noaxes ?

Hi Ryo,
Thank you for the report. I do see what you are reporting in the last released version of Ferret, but this has been fixed, and that fix will be in the next release.

A second issue, turning axes on and off with /axes or /noaxes qualifiers should not have any effect on an /overlay plot - the axes are drawn in the initial plot only. This behavior you are reporting seems not to happen if the /NOAXES is in the first plot command in a viewport, but only if it is paired with /OVER. 

And, as Billy says, the bug is only in the qualifier form of this, not if you use PPL axset.


Ryo Furue wrote:
Hi Ferreters,

It seems that the NOAXES qualifier sometimes "sticks":

   ! first panel
   set view left_panel
   . . .
   plot/noaxes/ . . . var

   ! second panel
   set view right_panel
   plot var

and then, sometimes, the second panel doesn't have axes.
I don't think this is an intended behavior.

I've attached an example.  I tried to reduce the example further,
but those reductions I tried restored the axes of the second panel.


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