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[ferret_users] sticking noaxes ?

Hi Ferreters,

It seems that the NOAXES qualifier sometimes "sticks":

   ! first panel
   set view left_panel
   . . .
   plot/noaxes/ . . . var

   ! second panel
   set view right_panel
   plot var

and then, sometimes, the second panel doesn't have axes.
I don't think this is an intended behavior.

I've attached an example.  I tried to reduce the example further,
but those reductions I tried restored the axes of the second panel.

\cancel mode verify
cancel mode grat

define symbol xw_ 0
define symbol xe_ 90
define symbol ys_ -60
define symbol yn_ 0

define symbol reg_ hlimits=($xw_):($xe_):10/vlimits=($ys_):($yn_):10

define symbol hei_ 0.3
define symbol wid_ `($hei_)*3/2`
define symbol xskip_ 0.05
define symbol wid_wind_ 0.15
define symbol xv0_ 0.2
define symbol yv0_ 0.2

define symbol xv1_ `($xv0_) + ($wid_)`
define symbol yv1_ `($yv0_) + ($hei_)`

define symbol xv2_ `($xv1_) + ($xskip_)`
define symbol xv3_ `($xv2_) + ($wid_wind_)`

define view/axes/x=($xv0_),($xv1_)/y=($yv0_),($yv1_)  ocean

define view/axes/x=($xv2_),($xv3_)/y=($yv0_),($yv1_)  wind

set data levitus_climatology

set view ocean

contour/($reg_)/k=1/l=1/nolabel temp
contour/($reg_)/k=1/l=1/color=black/lev=1D/noaxes/nolabel/ov/set temp
  ppl conset,0
ppl contour/ov

plot/vs/dash/thick=3/nolabel/noaxes/ov {($xw_), ($xe_)}, {($y1_), ($y1_)}
!plot/vs/dash/thick=3/nolabel/ov {($xw_), ($xe_)}, {($y1_), ($y1_)}

set view wind
contour/k=1/l=1 temp

set mode/last grat
set mode/last verify

GIF image

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