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[ferret_users] accuracy with axis in seconds

Hi all,

For analysis log, I would know how many seconds I get from a starting point.
The problem encountered is that I get the same number of seconds from 2 different
date ?

def axis/T="01-JAN-2008":"31-DEC-2010":1/units="seconds"/t0="01-JAN-2008"/cal=GREGORIAN mytaxis
let tt=t[gt=mytaxis]

let x1=`tt[t="02-JUN-2010 13:34:45"]` ; let x2=`tt[t="02-JUN-2010 13:34:46"]`

gives the same
!-> DEFINE VARIABLE x1=76340088
!-> DEFINE VARIABLE x2=76340088


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
IPSL Global Climate Modelling Group

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