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[ferret_users] extracting info from axes

Hi Ferret Users,

Apology if this request is too elementary.

I would like to extract grid info from a data set for the purpose of
labeling. For example, for a given region/i=242/j=14/k=22/l=8, I have the
lon, lat, z, and time as follows:

yes? list x[gx=xt_ocean]
             VARIABLE : X
                        axis XT_OCEAN
             LONGITUDE: 38.5W(-38.5)
yes? list y[gy=yt_ocean]
             VARIABLE : Y
                        axis YT_OCEAN
             LATITUDE : 68.5S
yes?  list z[gz=zt_ocean]
             VARIABLE : Z
                        axis ZT_OCEAN
             DEPTH (m): 215

yes? list t[gt=TIME]
             VARIABLE : T
                        axis TIME
             TIME     : 07-FEB-1999 12:00 JULIAN

I would like to define a label, which should be something like
"38.5W, 68.5S, DEPTH (m): 215, 07-FEB-1999"

Of cause, it will be different for a different region if I change i,j,k,
or l values.

Is it a way to create the label dynamically?


--- Peng

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