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Re: [ferret_users] explicitly set contour levels

Hi Zatuch,
If you are drawing contour lines, then you can request individual contours at particular levels by putting each level in parentheses:

  contour/lev=(20)(40)(60)(100)(150)(250)(750)(1750) var

Individual levels can be combined with ranges. For instance the above specification is the same as this:

   contour/lev=(20,60,20)(100)(150)(250)(750)(1750) var

If you are doing color fills, then what the others suggested is what you probably want.


z z wrote:
Hello, Ferret Users,

Is there a way to explicitly set the contour levels, such as (20,40,60,100,150,250,750,1750)? Because it's unevenly spaced, the qualifier "/LEVELS=(lo, hi, delta)" does not work for this situation. Could anyone give me a help? Thanks a lot.


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