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Re: [ferret_users] shaded plot for discrete data

Hi Ansley and David,

[. . .]
| The colorbar labels don't really have any more control than
| this. [. . .]
| For a final publication plot, one could remove the colorbar labels
| using the shakey command, and put new ones on "by hand" with the
| LABEL command (or by modifying the plot in another graphics program),
| but that's an arduous process.
| Anyone else have more ideas??

We could produce a fake shakey which is actually a plot of
an artificial 2D field:

  define axis/x=0:10:1 my_x
  define axis/y=0:1:1 my_y
  let a = x[gx=my_x] + 0*y[gy=my_y]

  define view/axes/x=0.1:0.9/y=0.1:0.15 my_view
  set view my_view

     /nokey/nolabel a
  ! Fix the axis labeling and remove unnecessary
  ! elements using ppl commands.

This isn't particularly elegant.  I'm not sure if it's less
arduous than what Ansley describes, either.


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